Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby with the Bathwater

Here are some poster designs I just completed for Surfside Players' production of Baby with the Bathwater, by Christopher Durang.  And earlier version of the poster and a brief description of the design is available here.

Since putting it on the postcard, though, a few changes have been made.  The play is a farce about a boy named Daisy and, in true Christopher Durang fashion, a lot of strange, sometimes darkly funny things happen.  I originally made the design to look like a children's book, but the director wanted to make it more clear that there is about the whole thing.  He gave me some suggestions from the play of items to scatter around the floor of the baby.  So, I added a toy made of an old pipe from a hospital, a vodka bottle with a rubber nipple on it, a teddy bear with it's head ripped off, etc.

Below are the finished designs:

11 x 17 poster (I cut off the advertisement boilerplate for the purpose of posting it here)

8.5 x 11 paper flyer (w/ boilerplate)

Black and white small newspaper advertisement.

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