Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Glens and a Baby

Here is a postcard I did for the Surfside Players in Florida.  It advertises the next two shows Surfside will be presenting, Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet, which is a play about cut-throat business men in 1980's Chicago, and the other is Baby with the Bathwater by Christopher Durang, a farce about a boy named Daisy.

Glengarry Glen Ross' poster idea was suggested to me by someone at Surfside, and it depicts a man in a suit atop the Willis (then Sears) Tower with an axe, ready to cut the ropes of his climbing co-workers as they near the apex.  I combined a photo of a purple, lightning-filled sky with a photo of Willis Tower, and drew the people in later by hand, purposely leaving them faceless and sort of abstract (albeit hard to tell because of their small size).  The text is a typewriter style font, and the color scheme and whole look of the poster is meant to evoke a Tom Clancy-like book cover or, probably more accurately, a movie poster based on one of his books.

Baby with the Bathwater's idea was suggested to me by the director of Surfside's production.  He wanted a cartoon-y, bright depiction of a baby and an overturned tub.  I took this idea and set out to make the poster look like a children's book.  The baby has a small tuft of hair and a quizzical look on its face, and the font is  a simple serif font called Century Schoolbook.  More versions of these show flyers will be posted as I finish them.

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