Sunday, January 9, 2011

Liquid Planet is a weird name for a lunch place

So I was dining at a relatively new Cleveland yuppy chain called "Liquid Planet", which was quite yummy, when I looked to my right and saw this:

Scary Liquid Planet Wall Decoration

This didn't seem to phase my girlfriend, but I couldn't stop laughing.  This smoothie and wrap lunch establishment seemed to want me to think that eating there can make old people frighteningly bouncy and make your kids do well at gymnastics.  The facial expressions in this photo may be a little hard to see, but I definitely think the blue-hairs on the right seem waaay too happy as they skip down the orange street.  And the 20-something guy in the middle looks completed nonplussed as he is vaulted over by his sister(?) like some sort of human pommel horse.  And all of it was photoshopped over some orange and yellow sunburst which feels like it should be out of a cautionary global warming ad. 

All in all we had a good meal, but I was a little freaked out to say the least by the odd mural-sized advertisement right by our booth.

Liquid Planet Rating:
Atmosphere: B- (only because of the scary old people in the pic)
Food: Yummytown.

On a different note, I am currently trying to export my blogposts from here to move my blog to a new location.  Stay tuned!

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