Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween / Phun with Photoshop

Here are some festive Halloween pics that I Photoshopped for fun:

This was an image I used for my friend's Halloween party invitation.  I took a photo from his facebook profile, used Live Trace in Illustrator to get a simple image of it, altered some colors, then blended it in with a real photo of a pumpkin using Photoshop.  I could have spent more time making the light coming inside look real, but it was just a quick image for fun.  (Side note: the way the live trace worked accidentally made his chin look like a ghost - awesome!) 

This is me (in the center) and my friends dressed as the Incredibles for Halloween.  I used Photoshop to edit out the background, add a new cartoony background and Incredibles logo, add feet (our legs were cut off at the knees in the photo), and tweak a few other minor details.  

This photo and the two below are essentially unedited with the exception of the background being removed (and filling in body parts that were cut off in the original photos).

This is my friend Chris in costume as Frozone. I Photoshopped him on to Frozone's ski board from the movie.  This picture is actually a composite of about 5 different images - the photo of Chris, The Incredibles logo, the ski board, the ice, and the red city background.

We entered a Halloween costume contest for the tights/spandex website we used.  Please go here and click "Like" below to help us win!

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